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Say goodbye to boring, generic QR codes. With ElkQR, you can create a custom QR code that matches your brand and catches the eye.

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Custom QR Codes in Minutes

Step 1


Select from a wide variety of options: PDF, menu, profile cards, video, business cards, web, apps, etc.

Step 2


Please fill in all the information and utilize our QR customization option to obtain a unique design.

Step 3


Obtain your QR code in various formats (PNG, SVG), print it, and track your QR codes.

Dynamic QR Codes

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Customizable Options

Tons of customization option - ElKQR section image

Custom Domains

Add custom domain name with CNAME - ElKQR section image

Team Management

Unlock Collaborative Power with Team Members and Private Spaces - ElKQR Section image

Detailed Analytics

Qr code with detailed advanced analytics - ElkQR section image

Branded Reports

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Supercharge Your Custom
QR Code Experience

Custom Landing Pages

Starting with our prebuilt landing pages makes designing a breeze.

QR code types

Start using QR codes right away with 14 built-in options to choose from.

Organize QR code

Effortlessly organize your QR codes with the help of our folder feature.

Unlimited scans

Generated QR codes will never expire and have unlimited scans.

Pixel Integration

Track user behavior, and optimize your ad campaigns directly within ElkQR.

Password Protection

You can add an extra layer of security and control to your QR code content.

Drive Engagement with ElkQR

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