About Us

ElkQR Technology was founded by Subin Babu, an engineering graduate who saw the need for custom, branded QR codes that could serve as portable marketing tools. After years of hard work developing the technology, ElkQR launched with a mission to provide businesses and brands with unique, eye-catching QR codes that drive greater engagement.

Our small but mighty team is located in Mysuru, a beautiful heritage city in India. We take pride in helping our clients – from small shops to Fortune 500 companies – condense volumes of information into scannable, portable codes that direct customers to designated websites, videos, menus, and more.

At ElkQR, our core values shape everything we do:

Creativity – We infuse imagination into visual design to develop one-of-a-kind QR codes tailored to each brand.

Efficiency – Our tech optimizes QR code generation for fast delivery and seamless scanning.

Partnership – We forge lasting bonds with clients through transparent communication at all stages.

At ElkQR, we want QR codes to be fun again! Tired of forwarding long URLs or watching customers walk away instead of scanning boring black-and-white squares? Our custom designs, personalized to match your brand’s palette and visual identity, result in higher scan rates and an amplified branding experience. Subject matter experts right here refine your vision into a stylized QR reality.

As a bootstrap-funded startup, we move quickly in an agile framework to provide optimum solutions on time and budget. Over the years, we have focused on delivering excellent service and high client satisfaction rates. Our ultimate goal is establishing enduring partnerships in this niche but fast-growing tech field – and maybe having a little fun along the way designing colorful, funky codes.

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